beg meil


We’ve explored a lot of the coastline here over the last few years but unbelievably never made it to the headland directly opposite the Beach House, namely Beg Meil.  The lighthouse shines across the water every night, and in the winter months, the sun almost sets over it. But for some unknown reason, we’re always headed further north towards Benodet or into our bay towards Cap Coz, when we’ve ventured further in our beach repertoire than the local ones on offer.

Out of season is a great time to explore new areas – to check out what and where is worth the summer sweat (and of course where the potential cool places will be to eat at the beach!).  Beg Meil however, is one of those great undeveloped seascapes, with a long sandy beach, no beach side cafes – but super surf (and is without doubt a fab spot to continue my wild swimming!).

Once in Beg Meil, head up to the point (following the signs towards the lighthouse) where you can choose the dunes car park for a stroll through the forest and bracken cliff edges, or clamber over the rocks if the tide is low enough. (heading left round the point).  It’s worth your while to spy on all the beautiful bays and inlets, with private houses dotted along the headland (and to admire the pavilions that precariously sit perched on the cliffs above).

P1050669 P1050668 P1050671 P1050673 IMG_2757 IMG_2756 P1050666

The other option is to take your car around to the right, and follow signs for the campsites, where you’ll find the long dune walks along a beautiful stretch of the sea.




it’s a great place to just loose yourself


take a brisk walk




or even dance




and don’t forget to keep your eyes open – beach combing is great here!

IMG_4060 IMG_4059

I guess we’ll be back in the summer, picnic and all!




Map of Beg Meil




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