wild swimming…..

One of my re-awakened passions, during a sensational long summer vacation with the kids, has been swimming.  Or to give it a more ‘bang on trend’ title…….. wild swimming.

Hubbie and I have kept up the tradition for a number of years, of hitting the water straight off the deck in Concarneau, no matter which season, what weather, or mood.  It’s an invigorating way to start the day (particularly in winter!), and hugely beneficial to your health.  Unfortunately, as we spend the majority of our year landlocked in Brussels, it’s often difficult to achieve (but I am working on it!).

Around the Beach House, there are plenty of spots to indulge.  Obviously straight off the deck is dependent on the tide, but there is a ladder available in Summer to take you straight onto the beach, and at other times the beach is accessible by steps a few metres from the house.

The wave breaker next door, is also great for confident kids to splash around on.  Boogie boards are a must here to get the full effect.

The rocks to the left of the Sables Blancs beach are also great for wild swimming, in fact any of the inlets and small bays, surrounded by rocks, as you walk into Concarneau itself, are great for a dip.

If you walk to the right side of Sables Blancs, and up over the headland toward Foret, you will find cliffs that are accessible, and a beach at Les Pres Verts campsite.  This is deserted out of season, and therefore great for a wild swim after an invigorating walk.

For a more advernturous dip further afield, head off to the beaches and bays between Concarneau/Pointe de Trevignon/Port M’anech.


The point is, just get your feet, body and finally head…..WET!

Splash, float, relax, swim, power walk whatever, just get into the water, enjoy ……and go a bit wild!


Local Information

Info on Wild Swimming


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