long range weather forecasting

It’s been wet and miserable in Northern Europe for far too long now, so it’s time to look ahead to my potential arrival time in Concarneau……….. looking good and counting down! (you can guess roughly when I plan to travel!!)

via Weather in Concarneau – AccuWeather Forecast for Bretagne France.



4 thoughts on “long range weather forecasting

  1. I can see some sunny days…I might just have to do the same. Thinking of a quick visit to Europe in early September…if not the top end of tropical north west of Australia…funny enough it costs around the same!!! Enjoy! x

    • Hi Yvette, difficult choice there! Culture or tropics? The way the weather had been here for the last couple of months, I’d do Tropics! But either way, it’s the anticipation that’s the most fun, don’t you think! Lizzi x

  2. Let me tell you, as someone who lives on the spot, it’s freezing! 8° at 7am most mornings, stair rods for the last few weeks, not a single whole nice day for weeks, no rain so far today, a little sun, but not all that warm… getting a bit boring all this!

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