liqueur 44

As I start my final countdown to my summer in France, I have to say I got very excited about the prospect of trying out this recipe (ok, I admit, may’be even more excited about drinking it, and will struggle with the wait of 44 days!).  Note to myself (and other Mums) – do not leave the chocolate version of this lying around in front of the kids -> in case they mistake this for a homemade version of Nutella……

Liqueur 44 from Brittany (Bretagne)

The Good Life France Liqueur 44


1 ½ lt kilner jar or similar with a tight screw top lid (one that you can get a whole orange into!)

1 large Orange or Lemon

1lt Alcohol (vodka is always good or the type of alcohol used sprecifically for pickling fruit)

44 sugar cubes (it doesn’t matter if brown or white, large or small cubes)

44 cubes of chocolate or 44 beans of coffee


1. Place 44 sugar cubes in the bottom of the kilner jar

2. Stab the orange or lemon 44 times,

If you’re going the coffee way, insert a bean of coffee into each of the stabs in the orange or lemon. Put the orange or lemon into the jar on top of the sugar cubes, then pour the alcohol over and screw the lid on.

Leave the jar for 44 days (or longer if you want) in a cool dark place.  It’s traditional to not decant the drink but place it on the table in the jar, and use a “Louchette à sauce” to ladle it out into the glasses.  Or you can decant it into sterilised bottles cut the fruit into slices and insert into the bottles and keep them airtight.

If you’re using the chocolate method – leave out the coffee beans and add 44 small squares of chocolate on top of the sugar and then the fruit covered by alcohol.

You can make the Chocolate 44 into a delicious spread! Warm the jar in hot water until the chocolate melts, shake the jar until it all mixes and becomes a smooth paste – sounds irresistible!

It’s also traditional to leave the jar you’re making the liqueur in on the table and when people come to visit you simply ladle them out a glass of the delicious orange or lemon based liqueur ♥


  • Some people add two cloves to the mix to add depth/Some people add a vanilla pod for sweetness



Many thanks to The Good Life France, and Colin Peake at The France Forum, for sharing the recipe details of this traditional liqueur drink from Brittany, France.

recipe via Liqueur 44 | The Good Life France.



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