the easter break, day 5

4th April 2012

Plage de Kersidan is situated close to Pointe de Trevignon, to the south of the Beach House.  We headed out today for a short walk and lunch at Le Suroit, after having driven up the coast from Port Manech (which is thoroughly recommended but we were a day too early to enjoy the fabulous looking cafe on the beach there, unfortunately!).  However after a blow on the beach for the kids, we settled down to a super fresh fish lunch on the terrace of Le Suroit.  This in turn inspired us to head back to Pointe de Trevignon, to buy freshly caught mackerel off the boat (always available around 3pm in the afternoon).  Delicious!

Plage de Kersidan

Pointe de Trevignon


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Port Manech.


Pointe de Trevignon.




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