learning to sail in concarneau

Concarneau is a great place to learn to sail, to practice or to perfect (or to just mess about on the water!).

The Sailing School (Ecole Francais de Voile) is based in the town, just a kilometer along from the house, and offers lessons for children and adults aged 7 to 70.  The instructors are often young and able to instruct in English, if French immersion is not your style.  Stages (summer school) are available during the school holidays, and children from 4 years old can join the pre-sailing stage to learn all about sailing and the sea.

for more information and to reserve your place, click on the following website link, Concarneau voile.

2 thoughts on “learning to sail in concarneau

    • When do children realise how lucky they are? I certainly didn’t. Growing up in Cornwall (which is not unlike Finistère) I didn’t take full advantage of the sailing and surfing available, and after being in a hurry to leave at 18, have tried to find back the beach paradise ever since! Brittany gives me the french version of Cornwall, with better food!

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